Safety is Our Top Priority at KFC Catering

As state and local health agencies begin to allow restaurants to reopen dining rooms, catering has also reemerged in the minds of our customers. After 56 days that has forever changed hospitality, catering is now rebounding for some obvious and not-so-obvious reasons.  

Months ago, large scale buffet catering immediately disappeared as restaurants closed, groups of almost any size were discouraged, and social distancing rules took effect. The image of guests swapping serving utensils and crowded buffet lines dominated the minds of government officials and customers alike, and rightfully so.

KFC Catering offers individually-packaged and boxed meals, allowing guests to quickly grab their meal, rather than stand in line while other guests help themselves to the food. While boxed meals are not new at KFC, we have found that there is security in the minds of corporate clients knowing they have provided a safe alternative to allowing their team members to head out in different directions to return at the end of the lunch hour.

Car dealerships have always fed their staff on busy Saturdays, recognizing that their team took less time at lunch than a typical lunch hour. Now, large retailers are also rewarding their people with a well-deserved in-house meal as a sign of appreciation for their customer-facing roles day in and day out.

As we begin to reopen in Texas, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, we are taking additional precautionary health measures to ensure the safety of our Guests and Team Members, including: 

1. TEAM MEMBER WELLNESS CHECKS: We conduct wellness checks before anyone reports to work to ensure a safe and healthy Team Member is serving you.

2. MASKS: We continue to observe all CDC guidance regarding the use of cloth face masks for all our Team Members.

3. GLOVES & HANDWASHING: Our Team Members practice rigorous handwashing and proper glove use at all times.

4. SANITATION: Team Members completely sanitize and disinfect all surfaces and high contact areas of the restaurant consistently throughout the day.

5. SOCIAL DISTANCING: We are practicing social distancing and have made accommodations in our dining rooms to ensure appropriate social distancing protocols are being followed. While catering does not occur at our premises, it is at the top of our minds as we discuss options with potential clients.

7. TRAINING: We regularly train our teams on the most up to date CDC and local Health Department recommendations.   

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