KFC Weddings?

Not every wedding is chic, modern, traditional, elegant, or fancy. In fact, we find that most brides and grooms are looking for something casual, laid back, and fits their own personalities. The prevailing mantra is “make it yours.” Whether it’s choosing a non-traditional wedding dress color (anything other than white!), serving waffle stacks as a delicious alternative to the tired wedding cake, or registering at REI, personalize your wedding to make it truly your own.

Weddings in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Colorado share a common thread – couples love the relaxed vibe of fried chicken and homestyle sides. But sometimes, it takes some coaxing, from one bride to another. What do brides really think about fried chicken for their wedding? Too messy? Too casual? Too unusual? Look to The Knot.


We’re having a Southern BBQ buffet and fried chicken is one of the featured items. I really don’t think you have to “class up” the chicken. I think people will love it with some of the classic sides like mac n cheese, green beans, etc.

The Knot


Looking further outside of the southwest, we discovered that brides and grooms around the world have a special affinity for KFC. A couple in South Africa were already married, but the groom knew that their wedding reception was far from the bride’s dream wedding, so he decided to take action. While dining at her favorite KFC, he re-proposed not knowing that someone was recording their proposal.


“Not everyone on social media was supportive at first. One woman mocked Mkansi for popping the question at KFC. She wrote that South African men “are so broke” they propose at KFC.But the positive responses that followed drowned out the bad comments.”We didn’t even know about it (negative comments) until much later, we are not really bothered by that,” Mkansi said.”


Their fairy tale wedding had a wonderful ending.

KFC South Africa announced on Twitter that it is helping the couple with planning, and even hired an event planner to manage activities around the ceremony.”South Africa, you guys are amazing! We’ve found the beautiful couple, and looks like we’re having a #StreetwiseWedding y’all.”



Most, if not all, couples select their reception food based on a budget. However, once the venue is decided, the dress chosen, and the myriad of other expenses incurred, there may not be much left in the budget for food. KFC comes in at a very affordable price range of $7.50 – $9.50 per guest, especially when you look at the average cost per guest for a wedding.

Average Cost of a Wedding (By State)


State Average cost per guest Average wedding cost
Colorado $203 $27,646
New Mexico $136 $18,470
Kansas $165 $22,407
Oklahoma $155 $21,032
Texas $180 $24,520