6 Things to Expect at KFC as Dining Rooms Reopen

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, plenty of changes are on the horizon for restaurants. At KFC, many things won’t be the way they were before. While drive-thru’s and walk-up counters in some cities and states have remained open, dine-in dining rooms have remained closed. However, as coronavirus incidences trend downward, dining rooms will reopen with considerable changes. For one thing, there will be plenty of new safety measures in place, at least until a coronavirus vaccine is widely available. And for another, factors like increasing supply prices and the meat shortage could affect pricing on the menu, but it’s still too early to tell. How food and beverages are served is also changing. 

With that in mind, here are a few new things you might see during KFC’s dining room reopenings. As more KFC’s reopen, there will be additional news to report depending upon the city, county, and state where franchises are located.

Hand Sanitizer

As reopenings are starting, safety is paramount for anyone eating at restaurants. And because KFC food often includes eating with your hands, hand sanitizer will become readily available.


KFC noted in a coronavirus statement that it is “installing Plexiglas counter-top shields that provide an additional barrier between team members and customers to decrease the risk of contamination.” If you’re ordering at the counter, there will be an extra layer of protection for both you and the KFC workers.


Many fast-food restaurants have stopped letting customers get their own refills, as a precautionary sanitation measure, and KFC has also adopted this measure. Your drinks will be served from the counter by an employee, who will also provide you an additional drink when you’re empty, rather than a refill.

Face Masks

Another safety measure outlined on KFC.com is that KFC will is providing face masks for employees that are working directly with customers. So expect to see their use continue as the restaurant’s dining rooms reopen.

Employee Check-in with Thermometers

KFC is “supplying all restaurants with touch-free thermometers and implementing procedures to screen each team member for fever before they begin their shift,” according to KFC.com. That won’t affect your meal, but you can rest a little easier knowing that KFC is keeping sick employees at home.

Limited Seating

Until there’s a vaccine, it’s unlikely KFC and other restaurants with dining rooms will be operating at full capacity. KFC has designated appropriate seating arrangements with the necessary signage to ensure that the tables next to yours are at a minimum of 6 ft. distance. More and more customers are ordering KFC through drive thru’s or for carryout, so it is likely that spacing will not be a problem.

New Secret Recipe Fries

Sorry, potato-wedge fans! KFC is now serving fries instead of potato wedges. KFC worked hand-in-hand with their potato resource to create a flavorful fry that retains heat and flavor. With the growing popularity of the Extra Crispy Tenders, KFC sought the perfect paring for hand-held tenders that would appeal to an even wider base of customers.

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