4 Ways Catering Should Fit into Your “Return to Work” Plan

As a return to the office begins, we’re all thinking about how to approach food at work. KFC Catering’s trusted catering platform, ezCater, provides a catering platform that services for 123 million business people in over 22,000 cities, which means ezCater sees real-time trends in how people order food for work. Their customers and our customers have been asking what catering looks like today and what best practices include.

As you consider KFC Catering for your next meeting or event, here’s a list of key areas to consider as you plan catering in this new business environment. We’re here to help with food-related issues — don’t let these questions overwhelm you! 

Please note that local, state, and federal guidelines determine what ultimately fit best for all businesses and organizations.  

Food in common areas

We are inherently social beings and often prefer to eat together. How should you approach policies around common areas?

  • Do you plan to keep your office kitchen open to employees?
  • Should you permit employees to gather and/or eat in common areas?
  • Will you stagger lunch times for different teams? 
  • Will you create greater space among tables and chairs?
  • Should you order breakfast and/or lunch for the office on a daily basis to avoid outside contact?

Food packaging and serving

Over 58% of ezCater orders now contain individually packaged items. Individually packaged catering allows your staff to grab their food and exit the serving area quickly. The most popular format of individually packaged catering is boxed lunches, and specifically sandwiches, though many customers continue to order family-style catering as well. 

When ordering food for groups of people at work, consider the following:

  • Should you require individually packaged catering or boxed lunches? (Individually wrapped items served on a catering tray are a reasonable alternative.) What about individually wrapped snacks?
  • Family-style (tray) catering: should you assign a dedicated server? Should you rotate out serving utensils, and how often?
  • Should you require disposable plates and cutlery vs. reusables?

Food delivery

Many people have embraced contactless delivery while working from home, and many of our customers have already established designated delivery areas in their office to receive hands-off food deliveries. Some customers who have remained open during this crisis provide a catered company lunch daily vs. having employees go out to get their lunches.

  • Should you require contactless delivery? 
  • Do you have an area set aside to receive food deliveries?
  • Should all food ordering be centralized through one person or team for better visibility and control?

Food for in-office meetings

Consider established guidelines for social distancing when setting up conference rooms and company meals. As of this publishing date, federal guidelines recommend that people maintain at least a 6-ft distance from each other.

  • Should you provide food for meetings that occur during breakfast and lunch? In the conference room or outside of it?
  • Should you require individually packaged catering?
  • Should you limit the number of people in a conference room? (You can still create a single catering order and distribute meals to multiple rooms or meetings).

If you want to get started planning food delivery for your company, we’re here to help. With business catering services in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado, KFC Catering can help you navigate the uncharted waters of business catering, as well as personal catering.

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